How to Start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Begin your journey through Monster Hunter Rise's new expansion!

by Marc Magrini


Players were able to battle some fearsome foes in Monster Hunter Rise, and now the game’s expansion can provide even greater challenges. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will give players the chance to expand their arsenal while facing stronger beasts, from simple crabs to deadly Elder Dragons. Players can try out the demo to hone their skills before they start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in full, but anyone that hasn’t played the base game in a while might need to take some time before getting their hands on the expansion.

How to Start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Owners of Sunbreak will not have access to the expansion in full – at least, not from the start. First, they’ll need to complete the High Rank quest “Serpent Goddess of Thunder”, which involves beating Thunder Serpent Narwa for the first time. Thankfully, players won’t need to grind their Hunter Rank to continue from there; this quest is the only prerequisite to start Sunbreak in full, so there’s no need to fight update monsters such as the Allmother.

Once this quest is completed, players will know if they have access to Sunbreak by checking the map. A red message box will appear by the entrance to Kamura Village, denoting the presence of Rondine the Trader. Talking to Rondine will give players the chance to fight a Daimyo Hermitaur in the Master Rank version of the Shrine Ruins. After completing this quest and following new red message boxes in Kamura Village, players will be able to visit Elgado. This outpost unlocks most of Sunbreak’s additional features, including new Master Rank armor, new decorations, new cooking features, and even new Buddy Plaza options.

After reaching Elgado and trying out new Switch Skill features, players can continue unlocking new items and features by simply playing through the game as they would in base Rise. Complete Key Quests to gain access to new Master Rank locales, and eventually you’ll discover everything new in Sunbreak!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak releases for Nintendo Switch and PC on June 30, 2022.

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