Where to Find Heart Scales in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Rack up these rare items to reteach old moves to your mons!

by Elliott Gatica


Pokemon games that go as far back as the third generation have had a move relearning mechanic that required Heart Scales. These rather rare items also appear in the Gen IV remakes and serve the same use as they did every other generation ago. Here are the locations where you can find Heart Scales in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Where to find Heart Scales in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

There are four places where you can find this item in the games. The following is where you can find Heart Scales:

Route 212

In the swamp area, there is a Honey Tree. Check around there to find the Heart Scale.

Route 214

Right around the split path, take the right path, and get past the Psychic Pokemon trainer. It’s in the lone patch of ground not covered by grass. Use your Dowsing Machine to get a better exact location of this if you need to.


Luvdisc (Route 224)

Once you have acquired the Super Rod, you can take it over to Route 224 where you can have a small chance at finding the Luvdisc Pokemon. However, not every Luvdisc will be holding the Heart Scale. Additionally, you can use moves like Thief to steal them from wild Luvdisc. You could also catch them, but it would be a waste of Pokeballs.

Grand Underground mining

This is perhaps the most consistent place to find additional Heart Scales. Chances are if you are trying to find more statues, Mysterious Shards, Evolution Stones, or spheres to trade with vendors in the Underground, you’ll come across a few Heart Scales in your endeavors.


These are very rare items, so do not be discouraged if you don’t find one in your first ten or so digging sessions. You’ll eventually find some, and you only need ten. Once you trade a minimum of ten Heart Scales to the move relearner, all moves will be free of charge when you take your Pokemon to him.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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