Where to Find Scavenger Calling Card DMZ

Why do musicians make great scavengers... They're always luting.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you wondering where to find Scavenger Calling Card in DMZ so you can complete the missions surrounding the new boss? Unfortunately, finding and extracting with three scavenger calling cards requires a bit of luck and patience. This is because you can only find scavenger calling cards from the corpses of fallen Operators. However, here are a few tips that will make finding Scavenger Calling Cards easier.

How to get Scavenger Calling Card DMZ

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

First, though, let’s discuss how this works and why these are the steps you must take. The Scavenger boss will roam around the map at random. When he comes across the corpses of other players, he will automatically place a calling card in their loot table. There is no rhyme or reason for how he roams except for looking for the corpses of fallen players. Unlike other bosses, like the chemist, he does not have a set zone he sticks in. Instead, he will actively hunt out fallen players.

However, we have found that you can find the Scavenger close to the named locations on the map. Therefore, you can kill a few players at a named location and wait patiently for him to appear. Once the Scavenger appears, the red circle appears on your map. As you approach the red ring, you will get the on-screen notification that he is nearby.

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Now that we understand how this quest works, we can discuss your two best options for finding the required three scavenger calling cards for the mission. The first option is for you to kill live players and then wait for the Scavenger to add his calling card to their inventory bag. The second option is looting the backpacks of fallen players in the hope that the Scavenger has found them and dropped his calling card.

Once found, a calling card will appear in the same slot the dog tags usually occupy. Ensure you have three Scavenger Calling Cards in your inventory and then extract them to complete the mission.

- This article was updated on April 15th, 2023

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