Where to Find Small Kemono Carapace in Wild Hearts

This little guy holds this important material.

by Christian Bognar
Wild Hearts Small Kemono Carapace Location
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To craft armor and upgrade weapons in Wild Hearts, you will need to go exploring for materials. These range from crystals, stones, Kemono parts, and small wildlife spread throughout the region. You will want to get strong armor as soon as possible in the early game to take on the more difficult Kemono the game throws at you.

One helpful material is the Small Kemono Carapace, which will get you some quality gear from the forging bench. But where can you find this material? We are here to help you with the best location to farm Small Kemono Carapace.

How to Locate Small Kemono Carapace in Wild Hearts

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The best location to find Small Kemono Carapace is Harvest Canyon in chapters 1 and 2. This location seems to be the best regarding farming this material. The game describes Small Kemono Carapace as “material obtained from a small, shell-clad kemono. It comes in numerous guises, but all types are hard and make good armor.” In other words, keep on the lookout for a small kemono with a shell exterior.

You will likely come across a small Kemono that is reddish-orange and likes to roll around in a circle. This kemono blends in with the leaves as well. All you need to do is kill the animal and pelt it, and you should get Small Kemono Carapace. You can bring this material back to the forging bench, where you can upgrade weapons and craft armor that require this material. If you need more than one, the little critters respawn periodically, so it is wise to come back now and again to do some more farming.

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A small Kemono Carapace is one of many materials you should collect. It is also wise to collect Bluestone, Coral Fragments, Ancient Lumber, and even Pet Kemono Tail Feather to help increase your maximum health! You can improve your total health at the bathhouse in Minato.

- This article was updated on February 20th, 2023