How To Track Specific Monster Parts In Wild Hearts

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by Shaun Cichacki

As players get their feet wet in the world of Wild Hearts, knowing exactly how to track down specific pieces that you may need for a new set of armor or a new weapon is quite important. However, the developers of this title must not have thought so, as they don’t give any hints as to how players can track down certain Kemono and their parts.

Thankfully, there is a rather simple way to make this happen, and it just requires a few button presses. While players may still need to track down these particular monsters to claim what they need, knowing where to find them and what they may drop can be quite a lifesaver for those hoping to increase their overall health in this game.

How To Track Small Kemono Parts In Wild Hearts


Let’s say that players need a few Small Scales to create a piece of armor to increase their overall defense before jumping in against one of the big bosses of the area. Knowing how to track these particular creatures, and seeing what they can drop is a great skill that any hunter should know.

Players just need to pop open their menu and map screen, and navigate all the way to the right on the menu, into the Cyclopedia. Here, players can track any small Kemono that they have come across, and see what parts they drop in the right-hand corner of their screen. Not only this, but players can see which part of the world they inhabit, so they know exactly where they need to set on their next adventure.

Tracking Giant Kemono Parts In Wild Hearts


The process to track Giant Kemono is the same, but players will get a bit more information when it comes to these massive beasts. As the Small Kemono can be defeated with just a few swipes of a blade, the Giant Kemono are going to be more of a hassle to bring down in the end.

Players will once again need to bring up the Cyclopedia, and make their way to the Giant Kemono section. Here, they’ll get a chance to see all of the Kemono that they have either challenged or defeated, so they’ll have the perfect opportunity to see what kind of parts they can drop, their weaknesses, and where to find them.

There are three pages dedicated to each of the Giant Kemono, so gamers can see what they look like, a small description of what they are, as well as their weaknesses, habitats, and parts. Players won’t be able to ping their central location on the map and will need to build a Hunter Tower to find where they may be in the world, but that’s all part of being a hunter.

This can be a great thing to know, especially if you are planning on partaking in hunts with friends that are looking to claim some new pieces for their armory. Get ready for the ultimate hunt with a free trial of the game if you belong to a specific subscription service!

Wild Hearts is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.