Where to Find Stench of the Dead in Hogwarts Legacy

They are corpses, dead bodies that have been bewitched to do a Dark wizard's bidding.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Inferi Hogwarts Legacy

Are you wondering where to find Stench of the Dead in Hogwarts Legacy so you can brew some Thunderbrew potions? You can farm or buy many different ingredients in Hogwarts Legacy, and it may be hard to know exactly where you can do so. Unfortunately, one of these ingredients, Stench of the Dead, is challenging to find because you do farm it from material nodes like other potion ingredients. Don’t worry, though, because here are the best ways to procure here. Here is how to get Stench of the Dead in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Get Stench of the Dead in Hogwarts Legacy


You have two options for procuring Stench of the Dead: buying and farming. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so it depends on how many Thunderbrew potions you plan on brewing. You need one Stench of the Dead for every Thunderbrew potion you brew, so keep this in mind as you plan.

Where to Buy Stench of the Dead

You can purchase Stench of the Dead from J. Pippin’s Potions shop in Hogsmeade. Each one will cost you 100 Galleons to buy. While this is the easiest way to buy Stench of the Dead as needed, it can add up over time, making it worth your time to know where the closest Inferi lair is so you can farm them.

Where to Farm Stench of the Dead

You can farm Stench of the Dead by defeating Inferi. They will drop this crafting material as a loot item once defeated. The closest Inferi lair to Hogwarts castle south of the Northern South Sea Bog Floo fast travel point as shown in the picture above. If you’ve never fought Inferi before, they aren’t exactly difficult, but you must use a fire spell on them before they take any damage from other spells. So light them up, and then attack them with whatever spells you want.

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- This article was updated on February 13th, 2023