Where to Find Yujin in Honkai: Star Rail

Where could "That Teacher" be?

by Alex Huebner
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If you’re exploring the game and wondering, “Where is Yujin in Honkai: Star Rail,” you are not alone. One of the great things about Honkai: Star Rail is the massive amount of areas to explore and find new missions within. I definitely found it easy to get lost and know, or remember, exactly where things and people are. To find Yujin in Honkai: Star Rail, just follow the instructions below.

Yujin’s Location in Honkai: Star Rail

The most important thing to note when looking for Yujin is you will need to have unlocked the right area. You will unlock the Xianzhou Luofu area after you complete the Jarilo-VI missions. If this doesn’t sound familiar, you may need to get further in the game before you can being looking. Yujin is placed in the Xianzhous Luofu wearing a green outfit with cat ears South of the Starwatcher Avenue Space Anchor in the Central Starskiff Haven Zone.

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Who is Yujin?

Yujin in Honkai: Star Rail is an NPC, and the owner of the Cloudbreadth Sleeves store, who offers players side quests. She is also the person you need to find for the “That Teacher” outfit as part of Cloudford’s Navigation Compass puzzle. Once you know where she is and have completed the Navigation Compass mission, make sure to continue to check in with her for more side quests.

- This article was updated on May 11th, 2023

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