Where To Get Small Scales In Wild Hearts

Find out where to claim these items in Wild Hearts!

by Shaun Cichacki

Hunters hoping to claim victory, as well as a few special items in Wild Hearts, may be trying to find out where they’ll need to go to start claiming Small Shells, a key item when it comes to upgrading certain weapons and items at the start of their journey. While the Cyclopedia gives players a bit of an idea, where they’ll need to go is a bit more mysterious.

Thankfully, we’ve spent some time hunting down some particular creatures to see where they like to inhabit, and where the best chances of claiming the Small Shells happen to be. Let’s jump right into the world, and start slaying some monsters to get our hands on plenty of Small Shells before the going gets rough.

Where To Find Small Shells In Wild Hearts

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Gamers hoping to start a collection of Small Scales are going to need to hunt the Springwatch Monitor, a small Kemono that is found on the starting isle. On the map image posted, players will find a great number of them near the blue triangle, as well as the white circle. Any place that has plenty of vegetation to blend in with, players will likely find them there.

While these creepy crawlers may look intimidating, players can dispatch them quickly with a few slashes of their blade, and finish them off with either the L2 or Left Trigger to claim items from them. While Small Scales may not always be the drop, this is going to be the easiest way to find this particular item, allowing players to start crafting some amazing weapons and armor quickly.

Alongside the Corestones, another hard-to-find item on the beginning isle, players will also have the chance to claim plenty of monster parts to start crafting some incredibly unique pieces of armor and weaponry and make their character really stand out from the crowd. Bring your friends along for the resource hunt to guarantee everyone is on the same level next time you all go out for a hunt together against some of the larger Kemono.

Wild Hearts is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.