Where to Get Strigine Flight Bones in Wild Hearts

This hunt is a hoot

by Kara Phillips
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Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Depending on the Kemono you face in Wild Hearts, you’ll gain access to several valuable materials that will significantly impact your gameplay later down the line. However, while it’s tempting to exhaust the resources of the larger beasts, you’ll come into contact with, sometimes the best way to access valuable materials is to hunt the smaller, less intimidating critters.

To make the hunt slightly more challenging, some materials are locked to specific species of Kemono, so you’ll have to hunt high and low to find certain upgrade materials once you’ve progressed so far. Stringine Flight Bones are a perfect example of the more elusive side of upgrades in Wild Hearts, so read on to find out how you can find them in your game rather than relying on running around.

How to Get Strigine Flight Bones in Wild Hearts

Since Stringine Flight Bones are limited to one species of Kemono, the Deathspine Nighthawk, you’ll need to know precisely where to head if you want to farm the most you can. To locate this species, you must travel to Fuyufusagi Fort and find the Deathspine Nighthawk marker on the map to save yourself from searching for too long. The screenshot below shows what you’ll need to look for on the map.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Once you are at the location, Deathspine Nighthawk appears like large black owls, but compared to the other beasts you’ll face, they’re no larger than half the size of your character. Because of this, they’re easy to sneak up behind and kill pretty quickly. Once they have been startled, there is a possibility they’ll take flight, though, which may be detrimental to your hunt.

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After a successful kill, Nighthawk will drop either Stringine Flight Bones or Grimey Stringine Flight Bones, depending on which chapter you’re in. For example, should you kill this species in Chapter 2, they will drop the grimy variant, whereas they will drop Stringine Flight Bones in Chapter 3 and onwards.

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023