Which Difficulty Should You Choose in Dead Space Remake? All Difficulty Levels Explained

Nothing is impossible... the word itself says 'I'm Possible'!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering which Difficulty you should choose in Dead Space Remake and an explanation of all difficulty levels? The original Dead Space game had achievements you could earn by beating each chapter on any difficulty level and beating the game on the hardest difficulty level possible. However, the hardest difficulty level was only for the faint of heart and hardcore gamers because of how it modifies your gameplay. So then, will Dead Space Remake have any difficulty level achievements, and how does it become more challenging as you increase the difficulty levels? Here is everything you need to decide which difficulty level you should choose in Dead Space Remake and why.

Which Difficulty Should You Choose in Dead Space Remake? All Difficulty Levels Explained

The difficulty level you choose for your initial playthrough will determine your playthrough experience as it modifies things like damage, enemy behavior, and healing. It can also determine whether or not your game autosaves and how many slave slots you get.

In addition, when you beat the campaign, you will unlock New Game Plus, providing additional objectives like collecting all 12 Marker Fragments, which lets you unlock the game’s secret ending, making it worth playing the game a second time.

Here are all four difficulty levels explained:

  • Story: Isaac deals much more damage, takes much less damage, and his oxygen tank last much longer. Isaac also heals automatically, and enemy grappling attacks are much easier to escape.
  • Easy: This difficulty level is recommended for beginners new to the game franchise or genre.
  • Medium: Enemies and Isaac both take baseline damage.
  • Hard: Isaac takes much more damage. Enemies take much less damage.
  • Impossible: This mode has the same damage settings as Hard Difficulty, but autosave is disabled; only one save slot and one life are available. Dying prompts a complete restart or continuing on Hard Difficulty.

You can choose Impossible difficulty immediately if you want to beat the game on the hardest difficulty from the start. However, remember that you cannot go back to Impossible difficulty if you don’t restart the game and choose to continue on Hard difficulty instead.

If you are looking at this guide so you know what difficulty level achievements there are, then here is the complete list so you can plan your playthroughs appropriately:

  • Complete Chapter X on any difficulty setting: You will earn an achievement for completing all chapters on any difficulty setting.
  • Set a Benchmark: Complete the game on Medium difficulty or above.
  • Untouchable: Complete the game in Impossible Mode.
  • Trusted Contractor: Complete New Game Plus on any difficulty mode.

Dead Space Remake slightly changes the difficulty levels and achievements from the original game. Based on this new information, we recommend that you decide early if you are going for the Untouchable achievement because that is only available when first playing the standard new game. You cannot do the Impossible Mode achievement on New Game Plus.

Dead Space Remake will be released on January 27th, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 27th, 2023