Who is Florescent in Valorant?

Are you wondering who this name relates to in the Valorant community?

by Gordon Bicker

Valorant players will know of many different terms that float around the game including those such as Thrifty, Half-Buy, and more but people will no doubt be wondering what the term ‘Florescent’ stands for when it is brought up in conversation. Thankfully, you won’t have to wonder for too much longer as this article will give you all the details of what Florescent stands for in Valorant culture.

Florescent Meaning in Valorant

The word “Florescent” in Valorant culture actually will more often than not be referring to one of the professional Valorant players whose title/tag goes by the word. Ava Eugene was born in 2006 and has since made her appearance on lists of the top professional Valorant players. Many people in the Valorant community admire their skill and talent and thus there tends to be a lot of talk around the player.

Eugene currently plays for the Esports team ‘Version 1’ otherwise known as V1. This team has a lot of support from the community and this is why there also tends to be a lot more discussion surrounding each player. V1 also has a Rocket League team and a Call of Duty team although the Call of Duty team goes by the name of RØKKR.

V1 Florescent’s Most Used Agents in Valorant

Throughout various matches, Eugene tends to have a preference for selecting agents such as Jett and Reyna. These choices are excellent for the playstyle that she focuses on utilizing throughout many important battles with other teams. It should be noted that Florescent was announced as joining the Version 1 Esports team on January 9, 2023.

All in all, Florescent and V1 will certainly no doubt be practicing hard to make sure that they are making their names even more known throughout the entire community over time. If you are looking for your own way to get even more practice on a personal level, choosing some of the best agents in the game will allow you to have a slight edge over the competition while learning more.

Valorant is available at this very moment for PC.

- This article was updated on January 22nd, 2023

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