Who Made MultiVersus? The Company Behind the Warner Bros Platform Fighter

The studio behind the platform fighter is a success story for the books!

by Elliott Gatica


It seems that MultiVersus came out of nowhere and is totally dominating the charts for being the most popular fighting game of all time on PC. Who are the people who made MultiVersus, though? What’s the track record of the company that created the game? Here, we’ll go over that and some important key characters who made this project come to fruition.

Who Made MultiVersus?

The development studio behind the game is called Player First Games. They’re a new independent game studio comprised of “veteran developers focused on serving players through the use of player first thinking,” according to the studio’s website.

There aren’t any other games under this studio, but there are some notable people like Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Chris White, who has worked on games like League of Legends. There is also Jon Diesta, the Art Director, who worked on games from Disney Interactive and Warner Bros.

The person people are going to become more acquainted with as time progresses is Tony Huynh, the CEO and CoFounder of Player First Games. Funnily enough, he met the other cofounder, Chris White, while working on League of Legends at Riot Games. He has also worked on previous God of War games including the third game and Ascension, so this current new project, MultiVersus, is going to be in good hands.

The reason why Huynh is going to be the face of the game moving forward is how involved he is with the game and its community. Ahead of Taz’s tornado nerf, he had explained through Twitter that the broken nature of the move was going to be toned down. He’s very transparent about fixes and changes coming to the game.

Huynh has also been retweeting and reposting a lot of clips, guides, and all things MultiVersus-related. Unfortunately, in his position, it’ll only be a matter of time until his mentions are filled with character requests and pleas for balance changes.

MultiVersus is out now for open beta on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, and PC.

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