Wild Hearts Earthbreaker Combat Guide: Weakness, Recommended Weapon, and More

Take down this massive Kemono with the proper technique.

by Christian Bognar
Wild Hearts Earthbreaker Guide

Earthbreaker is one of the unique Kemono in Wild Hearts, mainly due to the cinematic nature of the encounter. You will have tremendous help from your allies in the game, making listening to communication key to winning the fight. Still, there are ways to improve your chances against the large Kemono through preparation before the fight and using the right weapon and talisman. If you need help against the Earthbreaker, you have come to the right place, as we have a thorough combat guide for you so you can live to see another hunt.

Wild Hearts: Earthbreaker Tips and Tricks Guide

Like any other fight in Wild Hearts, your best bet is to eat before you go out on the hunt. You can do this by eating ingredients you find in the world and increasing your benefits by drying ingredients on a drying rack at your camp. The buffs you receive from eating can make a considerable difference as they improve your health, attack power, defense, dodging skill, and much more. If you have yet to create a Drying Rack at your camp, you can activate a Dragon Pit and build the Drying Rack Karakuri.

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Strategy During Earthbreaker Hunt

During the fight, due to the large size of the Earthbreaker, there will be Dragon Karakuri planted down by NPCs, also known as your allies. Use these Karakuri to your advantage, which will most likely be Launchers and Flying Vines. Launchers will damage the enemy, while Flying Vines are an excellent way to maneuver around the area quickly.

The fight begins with everyone using the same special weapon, but as you progress into the final stage, players will have access to their standard equipment. The Earthbreaker is weakest to weapons that deal Pummel and Lunge damage. This can usually be found on weapons such as the Bow and Hand Cannon. Considering its damage output, you will have the best chance of using the Hand Cannon. Focus on dodging the Kemono arms as they come swinging down during face-to-face combat, and aim for the weak points that are glowing blue when you feel the appropriate time, mostly on his arms and forehead.

Earthbreaker’s Weakness


The Earthbreaker is weakest against Wind, meaning that you should equip a Lunge or Pummel weapon with enhancements in this area. You can craft a weapon to specialize in Wind by going the correct path on the weapons skill tree. You can tell if a weapon has Wind enhancements by seeing a swirl symbol with a green number under its stats. Use the image below for your reference. Also, considering the Earthbreaker’s attribute is Earth, you will want to equip armor that has high resistance in this area.


An increase in Wind will do more damage to the Earthbreaker, making the fight quicker and easier.

Wild Hearts will be available on February 17, 2023, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 17th, 2023