Wild Hearts Endgame Explained: Volatile Kemono, Keystones, and More

What happens after the credits roll?

by Diego Perez
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After clearing the main campaign of Wild Hearts, there are still plenty more Kemono to hunt during the endgame. Like other hunting games — mainly Monster Hunter if we’re being honest — dedicated players will spend the bulk of their hours hunting dangerous Kemono in the endgame of Wild Hearts. While there aren’t any new Kemono to seek out after the credits roll, you’ll be able to face much more deadly versions of the existing monster roster in the postgame. Here’s what you need to know about the endgame in Wild Hearts.

Volatile Kemono Explained

The endgame loop of Wild Hearts revolves around hunting Volatile Kemono, which are stronger versions of the Kemono you face during the main storyline like the Ragetail or Kingtusk. Think of these like the Tempered monsters in Monster Hunter World. They’ll have more health, deal more damage, and be much more aggressive. You won’t be able to tire them out or knock them down as easily. Thankfully, the rewards for these Volatile Kemono hunts make up for the increased challenge.


What Are Keystones?

Keystones are rewarded for hunting Volatile Kemono. You’ll still get the normal quest rewards so you can keep upgrading your armor and crafting new weapons, but Keystones are unique rewards used to unlock Wild Hearts’ final challenge: Deeply Volatile Kemono Hunts.

Deeply Volatile Kemono Explained

Once you’ve acquired enough Keystones, you’ll be able to embark on dangerous Deeply Volatile Kemono hunts. If Volatile Kemono are equivalent to Monster Hunter’s Tempered monsters, then Deeply Volatile Kemono are Arch-Tempered monsters. These hunts are the absolute toughest challenge that Wild Hearts has to offer, and hunters brave enough to face these foes will receive some of the best rewards in the game.

They’re balanced around a full party of hunters, but they can still be beaten solo if you’re good enough and have the patience. To succeed, you’ll need to be equipped with powerful weapons and high-level armor. You’ll also need to have mastered the Karakuri building system since your standard weapons won’t be enough. If you manage to defeat a Deeply Volatile Kemono, you’ll be treated to the best talismans in the entire game, a fitting reward for a challenge of this caliber.

Wild Hearts is available now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on February 15th, 2023