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Wolcen – How to Duplicate Skills

Unlock more flexible skill builds with this endgame system.

by Brandon Adams


You’ve opened your skill menu in Wolcen, and seen at the very top two locked duplicate skills tabs. You’ve likely wondered, “what are these, and when do I unlock them.” Well, my stalwart demon-slayer, you won’t be seeing those until endgame, and after some investment on your part.

Duplicate Skills are unlocked in the endgame after building the Enneract Laboratory.

Once you complete Wolcen’s story and have access to the endgame you will be tasked with rebuilding Stormfall, and that means lots of mission grinding. If you want to duplicate skills you need to build the Enneract Laboratory, which will require the Planning Committee upgrade for the Stormfall Palace, then 6000 affinity and 500 productivity. The affinity is simple enough to farm, but you will need to complete missions to farm up the required productivity. The more modifiers you add to a run the faster you will earn productivity.

Once you start the project you will need to wait a set number of in-game days for the Enneract Laboratory to complete, which are advanced via – you guessed it – missions! Once completed you can set up duplicate skills at Demetra’s stall. Duplicate skills allow you to have three modifier “builds” per skill, allowing you to more flexibly alter your skill loadout without having to reset the modifiers every time. Handy for adapting to newer, more difficulty encounters without having to replace an existing modifier setup.

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- This article was updated on:February 16th, 2020

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