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Wolcen – How to Reset the Skill Tree: Gate of Fates

Play around with your build and alter your passives.

by Brandon Adams


Wolcen has a deep pool of passives with a variety of options that allow players to build as they see fit, but how does one reset the skill tree? The option just so happens to not be in the passive skill tree itself, but elsewhere.

Players can reset the skill tree from the Character menu.

Yep, that menu where you dump points into your attributes is also where you reset your passives in Wolcen. Towards the bottom-right, above the bonus to damage earned from attributes, is the option to reset the passive skill tree. Currently it resets every passive you have allocated, and it will cost Primordial Affinity. The higher your character level the more expensive the reset will be, regardless of how many points you have allocated. That said, as the linked article demonstrates, earning the Primordial Affinity needed to reset is not a difficult task (though, drop rates of Enneracts in the early game are low enough to discourage wanton resetting).

Play around with a single build for a while, and dump points into passives that line up with it (such as ranged damage if you are using ranged weapons). By the time passives become absolutely essential for progressing in Wolcen you should have enough affinity to reset as needed.

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- This article was updated on:February 17th, 2020

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