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Wolfenstein: Youngblood How To Decode Floppy Disks

Decode floppies to obtain needed information.

by Dean James


Wolfenstein: Youngblood has multiple different collectibles to find throughout the game, with one of them being floppy disks. As they were in real life when they were still viable, floppy disks are made to store data and the ones you find in this game have data you need to access. You need the right location to access these floppies though and this guide will tell you just what you need to look for in the game.

How To Decode Floppy Disks In Wolfenstein: Youngblood

While playing through Wolfenstein: Youngblood, always keep an eye out for objects laying around, whether that be ammo, silver coins, or in this case, floppy disks. Once you obtain floppy disks though, you need somewhere to decode them to get the information off of them.

To decode information from the floppies, you need to search the area for a computer known as a Floppy Terminal. If you need the information from the floppy to advance past a certain area, it’s very likely there’s a Floppy Terminal somewhere nearby.

Once you access the Floppy Terminal, you will be taken to a menu for the floppy that needs to be decoded. At this point, press the Y button if playing on Xbox One, or the respective button on other platforms, to “Decode.”

Doing this will then bring up the message on the floppy on the next screen, so make sure to read whatever information it has inside of it for usage elsewhere in the game.

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