Wordle 26th January Solution

Here is the solution to the Wordle of the 26th of January!

by Gordon Bicker


Wordle has took the world by storm with people across the globe joining in on attempting the daily word and making their guesses as to what it could be. A simple game, it allows players to get six attempts at guessing a daily word that is chosen. This guide article will you take you through the process of what the Wordle 26th January solution is and what the word actually means in the terms of a definition.

Wordle 26th January Solution

The word today is ‘Whack’ which if you input it into the game you will be able to complete today’s word and prepare for tomorrow’s new word. Today’s word was quite a difficult one to obtain due to its starting and ending letters. Specifically, the ‘ack’ at the end appeared to catch a few people out with what word it actually could be.

Yesterday’s word was ‘Sugar’ so today’s word was a little more complex in order to get the correct answer. Well done to those who were able to get it!

What Does ‘Whack’ Mean

Another aspect that player’s have been wanting to find out is what ‘Whack’ actually means. In its simplest terms, it is to strike/hit ‘something forcibly’. This word is used quite commonly in dialect and thus many players will, of course, have heard the word before, nonetheless, it may be a word that some players who aren’t well acquainted with yet with the language may want to understand more. The word simply means to hit something.

However, it can also sometimes be used by people in a different way with a slang term where it would mean ‘something is unappealing’ to them. As with most words, there are multiple terms that can be associated with them.

Wordle can be played online through this link.

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