World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Mistweaver Monk Talent Guide

Yu'lon would be proud of your talents

by Tom Cunliffe

The Mistweaver Monk is an excellent healing specialization in all regards but especially excels at maneuverability and single-target healing. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has an all-new Talent system, modernizing and adapting upon the Talent Tree approach the game used prior to the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Rather than being granted Spells and Abilities when leveling up — or occasionally making a choice between three different Abilities via the old Talent system — players are granted Class Points and Specialisation Points to be spent in their respective trees on new Abilities and Passives. In this guide, we will be covering both the Monk and Mistweaver talent trees for the Mistweaver Monk in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Best Mistweaver Monk Talents in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

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The best talents for the Mistweaver Monk in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight are very similar regardless of the type of content you plan to play. However, there are small changes you should make when raiding vs running Mythic+ dungeons. Thankfully, Talent Tree builds can now be saved in-game and swapped at will without the cost of reagents. We recommend saving a separate build for Raids, Mythic+, and PvP.

Best Monk Talents for Mistweaver Monks

Monk Tree Section 1

The majority of the first section of the Monk Tree consists of standard Monk abilities or talents that are required to spend points in subsequent rows. Vigorous Expulsion is the only healing-related talent that isn’t recommended due to how little Expel Harm is used by the Mistweaver Monk. Disable is practically useless during raids but is a useful talent to have in PvP.

Improved Roll should only be chosen when raiding, as the spare point can be spent on Celerity in the second section, which is only available when also choosing Spear Hand Strike; a talent not particularly needed in raids.

  • Soothing Mist
  • Rising Sun Kick
  • Tiger’s Lust
  • Improved Roll (Raid only)
  • Calming Presence
  • Improved Vivify (Rank 2)
  • Vivacious Vivification
  • Improved Detox
  • Paralysis
  • Ferocity of Xuen (Rank 2)

Monk Tree Section 2

Section 2 of the Monk Tree is the most important in the Mistweaver Monk’s Class Tree. Diffuse Magic, Dampen Harm, and Ring of Peace are all excellent abilities that improve your character’s survivability, while Transcendence can provide amazing utility in certain situations. Here, we choose Chi Burst over Chi Wave, due to its superior healing in group content. Spear Hand Strike should be chosen when running Mythic+ dungeons, which then also opens up the Celerity talent, making up for missing out on Improved Roll.

  • Transcendence
  • Chi Burst
  • Ring of Peace
  • Fast Feet (Rank 2)
  • Profound Rebuttal
  • Diffuse Magic
  • Dampen Harm
  • Improved Touch of Death
  • Celerity (Mythic+ only)
  • Improved Roll (Mythic+ only)

Monk Tree Section 3

Section 3 of the Monk Tree isn’t particularly exciting for Mistweaver Monks. Summon Jade Serpent, the final Talent, which is specifically designed for Mistweavers, isn’t even a recommended pick. Close to Heart and Save Them All are straight buffs to overall healing, while Generous Pour increases avoidance for your allies. Swapping into Escape from Reality can be done if survivability is a key part of the encounter.

  • Close to Heart (Rank 2)
  • Save Them All (Rank 2)
  • Generous Pour (Rank 2 for Raid only)

Best Mistweaver Talents in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Mistweaver Section 1

All talents in the first section of the Mistweaver Monk’s Mistweaver Tree are essential for the specialization, with the exception of Song of Chi-Ji, which doesn’t affect the majority of enemies found in raids.

  • Enveloping Mist
  • Essence Font
  • Renewing Mist
  • Invigorating Mists
  • Mastery of Mist
  • Thunder Focus Tea
  • Life Cocoon
  • Teachings of the Monastery
  • Revival

Mistweaver Section 2

The second section of the Mistweaver Tree allows for more choice, and the majority can be switched out to suit the encounter, however Celestial Breath, Mana Tea, Rapid Diffusion, and either Invoke Chi-ji, the Red Crane or Invoke Yu’lon, the Jade Serpent should be chosen in almost every encounter. Uplifted Spirits and Zen Pulse should be swapped between raids and Mythic+, respectively.

  • Mists of Life
  • Uplifted Spirits (Raid only)
  • Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane
  • Rapid Diffusion (Rank 2)
  • Yu’lon’s Whisper
  • Refreshing Jade Wind
  • Enveloping Breath
  • Dancing Mists (Rank 2)
  • Mana Tea
  • Zen Pulse (Mythic+ only)

Mistweaver Section 3

The talents chosen in Section 3 are dependent on if you are running Mythic+ or raiding. Misty Peaks and Rising Mist are more suited to larger groups, while Faeline Stomp and Ancient Concordance can be better utilized in Mythic+ and other group content.

  • Ancient Teachings
  • Gift of the Celestials
  • Misty Peaks (Rank 2) (Raid only)
  • Rising Mist (Raid only)
  • Faeline Stomp (Mythic+ only)
  • Ancient Concordance (Rank 2) (Mythic+ only)

Best PvP Talents for Mistweaver Monks

If you plan to participate in PvP (Player vs Player) content in Dragonflight, you will get an extra three PvP-exclusive talents to choose from. We recommend Refreshing Breeze, due to the extra dispel it grants you; Chrysalis for extra survivability; and Zen Focus Tea for the immunity to Silence and Interrupt effects.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight releases on November 28 for PC via the Blizzard Launcher.

- This article was updated on November 14th, 2022

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