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World of Warcraft Shadowlands: How to Increase Ve’nari Reputation

You'll want her items to make your life in the Maw and Torghast easier.

by Brandon Adams


Exploring the Maw in World of Warcraft Shadowlands would be impossible in not for the Broker, Ve’nari, and as you increase your reputation with her and you’ll earn access to more of her lifesaving wares. There are a couple ways to increase your reputation with Ve’nari, but you’ll need to be mindful of your Eye of the Jailer meter as you do so.

Reputation with Ve’nari in Shadowlands is increased by killing rare enemies and completing quests.

Ve’nari has more then her fair share of items for sell, but they are all locked behind leveling her reputation. There are a handful of ways to increase your reputation with her in Shadowlands, but all of them will cause your Eye of the Jailer meter to rise. At rank 5 you won’t earn anymore reputation or Stygia (the currency used to purchase Ve’nari’s wares), so you need to have a plan of action whenever you drop into the Maw.

The most effective way to increase your reputation with Ve’nari in Shadowlands is to complete quests. Early on she will have a few story quests to clear, but you’ll eventually need to raise your reputation with her to unlock more. To start, knock those out, then focus on the daily quests that appear within the Maw. Eventually you will raise your reputation with Ve’nari up to the next rank, at which point additional story quests and weekly quests will become available.

The weekly quests rewards the most reputation, but they also spike your Eye of the Jailer up a rank once you complete them. These are followed by daily quests, then the random “lore” quests that can drop off both regular and rare enemies in the Maw. Speaking of rare enemies, they too reward reputation with Ve’nari. They also increase your Eye of the Jailer meter. The rarer the monster the more reputation you will earn, with the common “special encounter” rares offering the smallest amount, and the harder to spawn major rares the most.

Below you will find a chart from Burningbamf over at WoWHead that displays all the sources of reputation, the amount of reputation earned, the amount your Eye of the Jailer meter will increase (each rank takes 1000 points to reach), and the general amount of Reputation earned per point of Eye. To summarize it: focus on your quests first and foremost, then start chasing rare spawns and other sources of reputation. Once you reach Eye rank 5 you are done for the day, so enter the Maw with a plan and commit to it.

Activity Rep Eye of the Jailer Rep/Eye
Normal mob kill 0 6 0.00
Elite mob kill 0 12 0.00
Minor rare kill 80 300 0.27
Major rare kill 100 500 0.20
Event rare 80 300 0.27
Special encounter kill/completion 40 300 0.13
Rescue a soul 0 100 0.00
Daily quest 75 500 0.15
Weekly quest 850 1000 0.85
Weekly quest Perdition Hold/Beastwarrens 1100 1200 0.92
Wrath of the Jailer boss kill 250 500 0.50
Hunt completion 525 1000 0.53
Stygian cache 0 0 0.00
Maw lore green quest 100 0 0.00
Maw lore blue quest 150 0 0.00
Ve’nari story quest Varies 0 0.00

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