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World of Warcraft Shadowlands: What Are Callings, What Happened to Emissaries

Functionally not much has changed.

by Brandon Adams


World of Warcraft Shadowlands has World Quests, but instead of assisting Emissaries you’ll complete Callings for rewards. That’s right, Emissaries do not exist in the Shadowlands (they are still around for Legion and Battle for Azeroth). You’ll no longer look to your map to preview who needs World Quests completed. The new Callings within your Covenant’s sanctum are your go to NPCs for daily World Quest rewards, though there’s a little more to the system now than before.

Callings replace Emissaries in Shadowlands, and can be found within your Covenant’s sanctum.

Callings are daily quests that are located within your Covenant’s sanctum within the Shadowlands. There are no traditional Emissaries to speak of, but Callings function in a similar manner. There are a max of three available at any given time, and if you clear them all out only one will refresh each day. So, if you miss a day you’ll come back to two Callings, and if you skip two days you’ll have three Callings. Otherwise, you’ll have access to one Calling a day if you’re keeping up with them.

Unlike Emissaries Callings will often require you to do more than simply clear World Quests. They’ll still send you all over the Shadowlands, so you won’t be stuck with just clearing objectives within your Covenant’s zone. You just may have the option to clear some dungeons within the Calling’s associated zone, loot some chests for progress, or even kill rare mobs. You may even be asked to collect items from Torghast: there’s a little more variety of offer with Callings, but nothing too dramatic.


Callings will have the usual blue exclamation mark associated with dailies, yet with the main campaign shield around it. You can also check to see what Callings are available by bringing up your Shadowlands Covenant’s Sanctum Report (the icon at the bottom-left of the minimap, assuming you haven’t modded your UI to the Maw and back). The Covenant menu has a dedicated area for Callings on the left, and you can mouse over each to see what the quest is, what the reward will be, and how much longer until completed Callings will take to reset. Remember, Callings will always appear in your sanctum, so be sure to pick them up before heading out on an adventure.

As for rewards, Callings grant Tribute coffers. These will always contain a handful of Anima items, and several trash items that sell for a few hundred gold each. You’ll usually walk away with at least 35 Anima and 1000 gold, but you could luck out and net better rewards. There’s always a chance for better items, but the Anima and trash items are guaranteed. Callings also scale to level 50, so if you are leveling an alt with the Threads of Fate you can start knocking out Callings as soon as you select the option.

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