Blue Lock Chapter 239 Leaks and Raw Scans Show Hiori’s Desire to Quit ‘Playing’ Football

Renewed ambitions and heated rivalries aplenty in Chapter 239!

by J.R. Waugh
Blue Lock Chapter 239 Leaks Raw Scans
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It’s a new week, and the long wait for the release date of Blue Lock Chapter 239 is nearly over, but we get a glimpse through leaks and raw scans. While Isagi and Hiori celebrate their win, things heat up on the Paris X Gen team, and Hiori’s ideals evolve.

Blue Lock Chapter 239 Leaks Show Hiori Wishing to Quit Football, and ‘Create’ Within It Instead

Thanks to trusted leaker Rayuga we got a free glimpse at the summary via leaks and raw scans of Blue Lock Chapter 239. This includes Isagi and Hiori reflecting on their win, with Hiori showing renewed resolve as an athlete, no longer wishing to simply play it, but rather “produce” or “create” football as a star striker.

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Isagi also thanks Hiori for their unspoken coordination in the game that gave them their much-needed goal. But Hiori takes it one step further, seeing it as the product of their mutual shared ambitions and instincts, and feels it’s a turning point in his playing career. He was considering legitimately quitting, but not after the glory of that goal they shared.

Blue Lock Chapter 239 Raw Scans Send the Action to PXG Vs. MC

Speaking of ambitions to become the world’s greatest striker, Rin Itoshi takes focus in the later part of Chapter 239 as Paris X Gen annihilates Manshine City 3-1. All three of those goals for PXG were scored by Rin, indicating that he’s got his sights set on his rival, Isagi. However, the mood and atmosphere are different in that match, where he’s a one-man wrecking crew feared by his opponents.

Fans are excited for a PXG and Bastard München match, along with these incredible players to face off. For now, we’ll need to wait at least a little longer before that’s a reality, but hopefully, we get at least a glimpse before the start of the New Year!

- This article was updated on November 4th, 2023

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