One Piece Chapter 1098 Leaks and Spoilers Reveal Bonney’s Tragic Past

Brace yourselves for the feels.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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The upcoming One Piece Chapter 1098 may be one of the saddest entries in the manga yet. According to the leaks talking about the chapter, Kuma’s backstory is near its end, but that does not mean that things get better.

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Ginny’s kidnapping was several times more horrible than we could have ever imagined, and the consequences were devastating for the future Warlord. Still, this time, he is not the only one to suffer, as Bonney’s origins have finally been revealed, and they are nothing but unpleasant. Keep reading to learn more about the leaks and spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1098.

Beware of spoilers for One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 1098 Leaks Reveal Bonney’s Parents

According to trusted leakers like @OP_SPOILERS2023, One Piece Chapter 1098 will continue shortly after the kidnapping of Ginny in the previous chapter. Her friends were unable to save her, as she was taken to the Land of the Gods to be forcibly married to a Celestial Dragon. This news devastated Kuma, who became several times more ruthless.

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Kuma could defeat entire Marine Squadrons by himself, demonstrating a never-before cruelty in his combat style. Things only got worse when the Revolutionary Army got word that Ginny gave birth to a small girl named Bonney. The young woman did not get a rest after that, as she later contracted a rare disease known as Saphire Scales.

This sickness caused Ginny to begin sprouting blue rocks along her body, making it difficult for her to move and slowly killing her. Her husband became displeased with her new appearance and released her. Without anywhere else to go, Ginny and her daughter went to the Sorbet Kingdom, where she contacted her friends and confessed her love for Kuma before passing away.

Kuma teleported himself there, but arrived too late, as Ginny was already dead. He swore to take care of Bonney as his daughter. Sadly, the young girl also contracted Saphire Scales, meaning that she would not live beyond ten years. While pondering this, he was informed that the former Sorbet King, named Bekori, returned to kill as many citizens as possible.

Raw Scans Depict Bonney as a Child

The raw scans for One Piece Chapter 1098 show that we will see both Kuma and Bonney grow up. Kuma looks older than in the previous chapters, and his expressions are filled with rage. When he finds Bonney alone after Ginyny’s death, we can see him cry, holding the small girl in his massive arms.

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As the chapter progresses, we can see Bonney grow from a tiny baby to a young child. She is seen wearing clothes similar to the ones used by her adoptive father. This was truly interesting, as the chapter reportedly takes place only a couple of years before the beginning of the series. This means that throughout the manga, Bonney is a young teenager at most despite her appearance.

Nevertheless, the raw scans caused controversy not for the scenes depicted, but for what was missing in them. Many leakers claimed that the chapter was not completed this week, with many panels still depicting sketches or incomplete scenery. This is the first time that this has ever happened in the series.

Some fans believe that this could be due to Eiichiro Oda, the author of the manga, being tired after working so hard this year. Others claim that he is focusing on chapter 1100, which many fans claim will be a chapter unlike any other. Still, this is simply speculation, and we will not know the reason behind the incomplete chapter until an official announcement is made.

- This article was updated on November 8th, 2023

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