One Piece Chapter 1099 Release Date, Time, and Chapter 1098 Spoilers

What will happen to Kuma and Bonney?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Kuma’s flashback may reach its end in the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1099. We have still not seen all the suffering that the last Buccaneer went through before becoming a Pacifista.

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When we thought that Kuma would be happy, Ginny was kidnapped, turning the once kindhearted gentle giant into a ruthless warrior. The origins of Bonney were also revealed, and they were several times darker than anyone could have ever imagined. Keep reading to learn more about the release date and time of One Piece Chapter 1099, as well as what happened in Chapter 1098.

Beware of spoilers for One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 1099 Release Details

Screenshot: Toei Animation

One Piece Chapter 1099 is set to be released this coming Monday, November 27, at around 01:00 AM JST. Shortly after its release in Japan, the chapter will be made available online for international fans to read whenever they want. Below, you can find a table containing the times at which the chapter will be released according to the time zone you live in.

Time ZoneRelease Time
Pacific Time (PDT)07:00 AM Sunday, November 26
Mountain Time (MST)08:00 AM Sunday, November 26
Central Time (CT)09:00 AM Sunday, November 26
Eastern Time (EST)10:00 PM Sunday, November 26
Atlantic Time (AST)11:00 PM Sunday, November 26
British Summer Time (BST)03:00 PM Sunday, November 26
Central European Time (CEST)04:00 PM Sunday, November 26
Moscow (MSK)06:00 PM Sunday, November 26
Indian Standard Time (IST)08:30 PM Sunday, November 26
Vietnam and Thailand (ICT)10:00 PM Sunday, November 26
Philippines (PHT)11:00 PM Sunday, November 26
Australian Central Time (ACST)12:30 AM Monday, November 27

Where to Read One Piece Chapter 1099?

Screenshot: Toei Animation

The chapter will be available for fans to read on Shueisha’s Manga Plus website and mobile app. In this platform, the chapter will be translated into various languages so you will have no issues while reading it.

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It is important to remind fans that Manga Plus only allows them to read the first and last three chapters of the manga for free. If you wish to read the rest of the story you will have to pay the small fee that the platform requires. Once you do, you will have free access to the entirety of the One Piece manga, as well as many other amazing series.

Chapter 1098 Spoilers

Screenshot: Toei Animation

Kuma and the Revolutionary Army could not save Ginny from her captors, as she was taken to the house of a Celestial Dragon. The young woman was forced to marry the noble, which infuriated and broke Kuma’s heart. Since that moment, the last Buccaneer became increasingly more ruthless, to the point where he could fight entire fleets of Marines by himself.

Ginny had a daughter two years after her kidnapping, whom she named Bonney. Sadly, after her daughter’s birth, the young woman contracted an illness known as Saphire Scales. This sickness began turning her skin into blue stone, killing her in the process. Her husband abandoned her, forcing Ginny to retreat to the Sorbet Kingdom with her baby in her arms.

Once there, she contacted her old friends one last time, proclaiming her love for Kuma. The young man teleported himself to the location where Ginny called them, only to find her dead and her baby alone. Kuma took Bonney into his arms and decided to raise her as his own. He began working less and less with the Revolutionary Army, focusing instead on Bonney’s development.

Woefully, the daughter also contracted the illness, and the doctors assured Kuma that she would not survive past the age of ten. Kuma tried his best to keep her condition from getting worse by secluding Bonney from the outside world. One day, Kuma was informed that the former King of the Sorbet Kingdom had returned and was killing innocent civilians on the street.

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