Oshi no Ko Movie Arc Cast: What is Each Character’s Role in 15 Year Lie?

Some star-studded bait to draw out the series' villain.

by J.R. Waugh
Oshi no Ko 15 Year Lie Cast
Image: Doga Kobo

Oshi no Ko has had numerous exciting stints in the entertainment industry throughout its many arcs, but the Movie Arc is the likeliest to hit home. The script for this movie was created with Aqua Hoshino’s help and is a biopic about Ai Hoshino and her secret life away from the public. It’s a concerted effort to draw out Hikaru Kamiki, who was responsible for Ai’s murder, and each cast member plays a key part based on real people in the world of Oshi no Ko. Here is each character’s cast role for the “15 Year Lie” movie in Oshi no Ko!

Oshi no Ko — 15 Year Lie Cast List

The “15 Year Lie” movie within Oshi no Ko recently gathered its cast in Chapter 128 and we were treated to information about who they’ll each be playing. In many cases, their roles are surprisingly fitting and it’s pretty great casting. They even managed to cast the enigmatic Crow Girl when she continued to goad Aqua with cryptic advice. Here is the full cast list so far:

  • Ruby Hoshino as Ai Hoshino
  • Aqua Hoshino as Hikaru Kamiki
  • Mem Cho as B-Komachi’s Mei Mei
  • Akane Kurokawa as B-Komachi’s Takamine
  • Kana Arima as B-Komachi’s Nino
  • Frill Shiranui as Airi Himekawa
  • Melt Narushima as Goro Amamiya
  • Tomato Jan as Miyako Saito
  • Tomo Ayabe as Ryosuke Kaihara
  • Norio Mita as Ichigo Saito
  • Taiki Himekawa as Seijuro Uehara
  • “Tsukuyomi” as Young Aqua and Young Ruby

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Image: Mengo Yokoyari / Shueisha

Ruby’s casting has easily been the most troublesome for the production. In the process of inhabiting the role of her mother, deep-seated trauma from her past life as Sarina, as well as the loss of Ai, came boiling to the surface. Aqua, meanwhile, pulls a gutsy move by taking on the role of Kamiki. It’s not the first time he’s played a villainous figure, tapping into his natural creepy aura.

  • Oshi-no-Ko-15-Year-Lie-Cast-Kana-and-Akane
  • Oshi-no-Ko-15-Year-Lie-Cast-Frill-and-Mem
  • Oshi-no-Ko-15-Year-Lie-Cast-Taiki

Meanwhile, the casting of the B-Komachi singers means Kana and Mem get to collaborate on a project together, but Akane’s presence will surely create tension that’ll be great in the final product. Frill’s role, arguably one of the most difficult, will be that of Airi Himekawa, whose illicit relationship with a prepubescent Hikaru is probably a huge part of why he is so messed up. Taiki Himekawa will play the role of his legal father, Seijuro Uehara, who was likely manipulated by Kamiki into committing a murder-suicide on Airi.

  • Oshi-no-Ko-15-Year-Lie-Cast-Melt
  • Oshi-no-Ko-15-Year-Lie-Cast-Norio
  • Oshi-no-Ko-15-Year-Lie-Cast-Tomato-Tomo
  • Oshi-no-Ko-15-Year-Lie-Cast-Tsukuyomi

Melt’s casting is fun, because Aqua’s former self Goro was so much more lively and energetic, and it’ll be interesting to see Melt’s natural charisma shine through here. The presence of Miyako and Ichigo being put to the screen will also be fun to see, while Crow Girl, adopting the Tsukuyomi name, will likely be a show-stealer early on with the dual role of playing the young Hoshino twins.

It’s difficult to say how this will play out, whether it is the path to the finale or if we’ll see another arc or two before then. But this ensemble cast is easily the most exciting one in the series since the 2.5D Stage Play.

- This article was updated on October 9th, 2023

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