What is the Meaning of Kaiser’s Tattoo in Blue Lock?

The blue rose and crown makes for a distinctive tattoo, but what could it mean?

by J.R. Waugh
Michael Kaiser's Tattoo Blue Lock Blue Rose
Image: Kodansha

Michael Kaiser is one of the most important characters in Blue Lock, and Kaiser’s tattoo and its meaning have been the object of many fans’ fixation. However, if you want to get his signature blue rose tattooed on your neck, consider its significance before committing.

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The Meaning Behind Michael Kaiser’s Blue Rose Tattoo in Blue Lock, Explained

As discussed in Blue Lock Chapter 243, Kaiser’s tattoo of the blue rose is meant to signify itself as an anomaly, where he is meant to “become the impossible.” This means rising to greater heights as a soccer player, claiming the top championships in the sport, with the thorns linking to a crown with a keyhole indicating it’s his path to the top.

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He explains this in a flashback when he meets fellow player Alexis Ness, after seeing the young athlete faltering and succumbing to his self-doubt. This tattoo serves as a symbol of Kaiser’s goals in Blue Lock, so it’s not the worst tattoo you could get if you’re a fan of the anime or manga.

This tattoo, while being Kaiser’s route to self-actualization, is also a pretty strong indicator of his personality. He’s arrogant, competitive to extreme faults, and has a major case of main character syndrome despite Yoichi Isagi being the protagonist. It doesn’t help that his symbolic chain in the volume cover artwork also seems to highlight this. While he’s not overall a terrible leader despite these quirks, it does cause him to be domineering when he faces backtalk.

But the most important thing we learned from this reveal in Chapter 243 was that it helped Alexis Ness find his confidence. While Kaiser is far from an ideal role model, he was the person Ness needed to meet the most, somebody who empowered him to chase his dreams, believe in himself instead of falling prey to his flaws, and crush the impossible. I’ve said it before and will say it again, Kaiser would make a solid motivational speaker in another life.

- This article was updated on December 4th, 2023

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