Destiny 2 Players Have Already Found the Meta Weapon to Counter All Three Champion Types Ahead of Lightfall’s Release

Cover all the bases.

by Noah Nelson

With the massive, new announcement about buildcrafting changes in Lightfall, players have already figured out what the best weapon will be once Destiny 2 Lightfall releases. Though the Lightfall release date is still a ways away, the Destiny 2 community’s tenacity is strong, eager to build god rolls, the best elemental well mod builds, and apparently, the ultimate weapon to take down every Champion type.

According to @DestinyBulletn on Twitter, the weapon that can take down every Champion type when Lightfall launches is a Fusion Rifle with Chill Clip and Radiant.

Since Champions in Lightfall will be weak to subclass types, weapon perks like Chill Clip that deal Stasis can stack on top of a Void weapon which will allow you to deal with Overload and Unstoppable Champions. If you are rocking the Solar subclass, you can proc the Radiant effect mid-fight which pierces Barrier Champions.

In fact, you don’t necessarily need a Fusion Rifle to have a weapon that deals with all three Champion types. It is easier with a Fusion Rifle since they usually deal elemental damage and come with Chill Clip, but with the new Champion changes coming in Lightfall, you can counter all three Champion types in multiple ways.

This is a huge update on how Champions are currently handled. In the past, the only consistent to counter a Champion was to have a specific seasonal armor mod on at all times. With Champions being countered by subclasses, it gives a lot of freedom back to players who want to buildcraft with specific mods.

We can’t wait to experience all of the long-awaited quality-of-life improvements that Lightfall will finally bring to the table. From Champions to loadouts, Destiny 2 Lightfall will streamline a lot of community complaints and make the game generally more fun for everyone.

Destiny 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2023

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