Destiny 2: What is the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack?

Celebrating Bungie's 30th Anniversary In Style

by Gordon Bicker
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Bungie has seen an illustrious amount of success over the years crafting exquisite game experiences for players all around the world to indulge themselves within. The Destiny franchise was Bungie’s first next big leap after Halo’s transference to 343 industries when the company had split from Microsoft in 2007 following the release of Halo 3. Bungie showcased Destiny for the first time and players revelled in getting to experience another one of their games. The franchise has seen great success and new bonds have been made between fellow guardians over the years, this is no different in Destiny 2, which is going to receive a 30th-anniversary pack to celebrate Bungie’s many years in the industry since June the 19th in 1991.

What is inside the pack?

The pack itself contains a diverse array of content and customisation options for players. One of which is a new pirate-themed Dungeon; an exciting prospect for players in the community.

For those unsure of what dungeons in Destiny 2 are; they were first introduced within the Forsaken expansion and offered players experiences shorter than raids but filled with the same unique bosses and mechanics throughout to be completed by fireteams that can take a number of hours to complete similar to raids.

An elegant Claymore Sword will also be up for grabs from Myth, along with the legendary return of one of the franchise’s most renowned weapons…the exquisite Gjallarhorn.


“So what about the new cosmetic items for my stylish guardian?”

Fans of customisation in Destiny 2 will be overjoyed that they will be receiving a host of new items to adorn their guardian with. These range from a new Thorn-inspired armor set, based on the exotic hand cannon and one of the weapons of sorrow. Furthermore, there will be Bungie themed ornaments and cosmetics for players to utilize, some of which shown so far bears a striking resemblance to ‘The Needler’ from Halo.


When is the pack available?

The Bungie 30th Anniversary pack will be released on the 7th of December for the current price of $24.99 (£21.99) as seen on Steam and every marketplace selling it.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. Will you be immersing yourself in this latest pack from Bungie?

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