Attack of the Fanboy

Diablo PTR 2.1.2 Servers Hit Hard With Wait Times

by William Schwartz


Earlier today the PTR servers got patched and were available, and shortly after they were hit hard by fans eager to try out the many new additions.

As of writing, the servers are clustered with people trying to get on and take advantage of a wonderful PTR Buff they have going on that will grant players 300% bonus XP, 2000% bonus chance to find Legendaries, double goblin spawns, and double blood shards. These buffs are to facilitate easy leveling for players and help them along the way as they try out Season 2 and the new conquests.

The problem with all this is that it is near impossible to get in a room. Several of the PTR forums are filled with posts of fans upset over the queues, some report lasting more than three hours and rising. I found that the only way to get in a match is to ask someone in public chat to invite you and basically keep passing the buck if you are about to log out, ask if anyone wants into a seasonal or non seasonal room. Other than that, it is near impossible to get into a room which is quite disappointing with all the great features added.

Hopefully Blizzard will fix the issue over the next few days or at least extend the buff as it helps players really test the new aspects of the patch.

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