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Director Hajime Tabata Talks About Final Fantasy 15 Updates & DLC

by Joanne Choi


Upon hitting another jackpot with the successful franchise, making it one of the top selling games last year, Final Fantasy 15 director, Hajime Tabata discussed in an interview regarding upcoming updates and DLC.

As previously mentioned he wanted fans to enjoy the game for a long time, Tabata stated, “The development team worked extremely hard around the clock to finish the development of FFXV…. From the get-go we wanted to continuously update the game after it releases, so we can further enrich the already complete FFXV experience.  We also wanted to make sure that players can enjoy the game for an extended period of time.”

Having been announced a decade ago in the making, originally known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII the initial development began when Tabata took over rebranding it to Final Fantasy XV in 2013.  Since the announcement, the series had received mixed reviews due to various changes in characters, gameplay, and story.  Even after its release, players seem to either love it or hate it, criticizing it as an incomplete game with having to view the anime, feature film, and scripted prologue beforehand.

He stressed, “We do not intend on making this a completely different game from what was already delivered…”

Regarding the updates mainly referring to Chapter 13 since many were taken aback by the sudden shift, Tabata stated, “When it comes to the overall playability…not the main plot, updating the game while receiving player feedback will not make the game inconsistent…”

As far as DLC goes with the announcement of new playable characters, it will give players the chance to observe with a different approach.  Lastly, when asked who his best boy was, Tabata laughed, “It is very difficult for me to select the ‘best boy.'” Commenting on how all four main characters were unique given their surrounding circumstances.  Final Fantasy 15 is available now for the Playstation 4, Xbox One.  Speaking of updates, visit the Chocobo Moogle Carnival open for a limited time.

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