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Disc Jam Flies onto Nintendo Switch February 8th

by Kyle Hanson


Disc Jam is heading to Nintendo Switch, arriving on February 8th for the hugely popular handheld/console hybrid. The game is currently available on PS4 and PC, and has been fairly popular on there. Its signature style of action-packed multiplayer action does make for a perfect fit on the Switch though, so fans might wanna look at picking this up, even if they already own the game elsewhere. Those who haven’t tried Disc Jam will definitely want to take a look and see if the game is right for them, we thought it was when we played it at PAX.

“Disc Jam is best played with others, and Nintendo Switch is making it easier than ever to connect with players both locally and online,” reads the announcement. “In addition to cross-platform play between PC and Nintendo Switch, the game also features support for local wireless with up to 3 other nearby Nintendo Switch consoles, making it easy to jump into a match whether you’re in the living room or on the go.”

Alongside the Switch release will come a huge update for Disc Jam, adding in new player characters and modes for fans to enjoy. Ranked Leagues and offline bot play will be added. Check out more info on these as the release gets closer.

Disc Jam – Nintendo Switch Teaser

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