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Dreadnought PS4 Closed Beta Arrives Today, Here’s How to Sign Up

by Kyle Hanson


It’s been a while since we last checked in on Dreadnought, Grey Box’s take on massive space ship combat. Each time we’ve seen the game, we loved it, and the developer has been hard at work adding new gameplay elements and fine tuning the combat. Dreadnought has been available in a closed beta on PC for some time, but today sees the playerbase expanding to consoles with the Dreadnought PS4 Closed Beta release.

You can click here to sign up for access, though Grey Box will only be allowing in select groups as they are ready.

Dreadnought takes a very different approach to the typical video game spaceship combat. Instead of flying around, defying physics and blasting away at enemies at break neck speeds, the game takes a more methodical and thoughtful approach. Placing you at the helm of a massive spaceship, players have to manage a few systems, and contend with the slow nature of these gigantic machines.

Working as a team is key, with different players choosing from varying classes of ships. Whenever I try the game out I always love the titular Dreadnought class, which packs massive firepower, but is slow to get anywhere. This means I have to rely on my teammate’s for help in healing up, or avoiding fights altogether. When I do get into position though, I can deal a ton of damage and take out entire vessels on my own, even if they do have some assistance.

This tense, tactical combat makes Dreadnought feel unique in the video game space, and it looks like it’s ready to start showing its real teeth with this PS4 release. There’s no word on when the final release will come, although it is currently expected for later this year. Keep an eye out for that and check the game out on PS4 if you are lucky enough to get into this beta.

Dreadnought – PlayStation Experience 2016: Announcement Trailer

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