EA Canceling Respawn’s Hidden Titanfall/Apex Legends Game Doesn’t Bode Well For Titanfall 3

Sad news for Titanfall 3 believers.

by Noah Nelson

Along with canceling Apex Legends Mobile and pushing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor back, EA has canceled a secret project at Respawn that was said to be a single-player experience that would bridge the Titanfall and Apex Legends worlds together.

Though this comes as a shock to many Apex Legends and Titanfall fans, since something that has been heavily requested by the community for years is a game that would expand and connect the Apex Legends and Titanfall universes, seeing EA cutting back is bad news for people holding out hope for Titanfall 3.

After Titanfall 2 was created, a fairly large community of fans formed around the game. This same community shifted over to Apex Legends when it came out, but they still hoped for Titanfall 3. Although Apex Legends has a lot of Titanfall DNA, it is a fundamentally different gaming experience than what a narrative like Titanfall 3 would deliver.

Though Respawn has never outright said that Titanfall 3 is or isn’t happening, the secret cancellation of a secret “Titanfall Legends” game isn’t great news. With EA cutting back on so many of its projects, the only games that Respawn could be assigned to work on are Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

With the 50 employees that were working on the secret “Titanfall Legends” project now getting relocated or fired completely, the prospect that Titanfall 3 is in development is slim to none.

EA has cut back on all of its studios to save money and focus on the core games they know do well for them. While Titanfall 3 would definitely do well for them, considering how big and persistent the cry for the third installment is, EA has more than likely shut down any current plans for Titanfall 3.

However, that doesn’t mean that we will never get Titanfall 3, it just means not right now. All of this is guessing and speculation based on the facts before us, so the future could be bright for Titanfall 3 believers. As long as the fan base remains strong and loyal, the possibility of getting Titanfall 3 someday continues.

- This article was updated on February 1st, 2023