Elden Ring Is One of the Best Games of All Time According to Metacritic

A promise of top quality for excited fans.

by Marc Magrini


Players won’t have to wait long to finally get their hands on Elden Ring, a game with immense hype surrounding it. As its release date draws closer, the review embargo for this title has lifted, allowing excited fans to discover critical opinions regarding the full experience. These reviews rate the game very highly, to the point where – according to Metacritic – Elden Ring is among the best games of all time.

Is Elden Ring Really One of The Best Games of All Time?

Anticipation for Elden Ring has reached a peak through the months leading to its release. It got to the point where spoilers began to leak online, drumming up even more discussion about the game. Now that such little time stands before it comes out, reviewers are finally able to share their opinions of Elden Ring – and they appear to be highly promising.

On Metacritic, the PlayStation 5 version of Elden Ring currently holds a score of 97. This puts it as one of the most well-rated games on the website, potentially placing it in the top 25 highest-rated games. There are over 40 reviews for the PS5 version, with at least 25 of them giving it a perfect score of 100. The PC and Xbox Series versions of Elden Ring have less reviews and are ranked slightly lower, but they still hold a current score of 95 – easily keeping the game in Metacritic’s top 100 highest-rated titles.

Metacritic isn’t the only place showing Elden Ring’s massive positive reception. The review aggregator OpenCritic reported that, for a time, Elden Ring was the highest-rated game on the entire website. It had beaten out Super Mario Odyssey in terms of both critic averages and recommendations, putting it at the number 1 spot. Despite this fact, fans should note that such a feat is subject to change as further reviews and updates are sent out for Elden Ring; the game has not released in full just yet, after all.

While these reviews show a great amount of promise for Elden Ring, they certainly won’t apply to everyone. Fans with low-end PCs might find themselves unable to run the game at all, and reviews for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of this title are scarce at best. And while reviews are a great way to gain information about how good a game is, players might enjoy or dislike Elden Ring regardless of what anyone else has to say. But receiving such fantastic reviews almost unanimously is no easy feat in of itself; chances are, Elden Ring will most likely live up to its promise of being a fantastic game.

Elden Ring will release on February 25th, 2022. Fans can also check out Attack of the Fanboy’s own Elden Ring review.

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