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Everything Revealed During Today’s Pokémon Sword and Shield Direct

Plenty of good stuff coming for Pokemon fans.

by Dylan Siegler


Today (June 5), Nintendo held a Direct presentation dedicated entirely to giving new information about the upcoming main series Pokémon games, Sword and Shield. Here is all the major information revealed during that Direct. If any point in particular is of more interest to you, you can click on the link provided to learn more about it. Also, if you’d rather watch the full Direct for yourself, you can find it at the bottom of this article.

  • A new trailer was revealed which gave a quick look into some of the features that would go on to be discussed further later in the Direct. This trailer revealed the games’ theme song, which has lyrics and everything.
  • Some new Pokémon were revealed during the Direct, including the two Legendary Pokémon that will appear on the games’ covers.
  • The Wild Area is where players will find the most wild Pokémon. This area allows for free camera movement for the first time in the main series.
  • A new battle mechanic called Dynamax will make Pokémon giant and give them stronger moves.
  • Multiplayer co-op will be available in these games, including being able to take on wild Dynamaxed Pokémon with up to three friends locally or online in Max Raid Battles.
  • Some new characters, such as the Galar region’s champion and professor and your rival, were introduced.
  • Gyms will return in Generation VIII, with each Gym Leader having at least one Dynamaxed Pokémon.
  • The new games will be released on November 15 this year. You can also pre-order a Double Pack that includes both games.

The full Direct presentation is below.

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