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Far Cry 4: Gladiators and Avalanches

by Danny Vittore


We already know Ubisoft love them some trailers and it seems that they won’t be satisfied until we are completely inundated with trailers for all the Ubisoft games. Not all their trailers are particularly informative nor interesting, but that isn’t the case with their most recent one about the Midlands and Himalayas regions of Kyrat in their upcoming game, Far Cry 4.

This trailer is the second part of a short series about Kyrat, the setting for Far Cry 4 and you can find the first part right here. This second park, as mentioned before, goes a little more in-depth to the “Midlands and Himalayan” region, which appear to be a hotbed of narcotics activity. It appears one of the most defining features of the area, other than the drugs, is a large gladiatorial arena where, you the player will find yourself fighting (at least once, as shown in the trailer). It’s a bizarre gladiator fight rife with people on people fights and people on animal fights with various weapons. One could question the smartness of letting your gladiators use assault rifles, but it looks like it can be an interesting bit of gameplay.

We then get a look at the Himalayan portion and the “Sky Prison,” not too dissimilar to the Sky Cells from Game of Thrones, with cells open to the vastness of the mountain range, and a drop of a few thousand feet, where you will probably find yourself at least once as you progress through the story.

Obviously, it is totally possible that everything you see in the trailers are contrived, but there are many instances of potentially interesting gameplay elements such as being attacked by an eagle, destructible environments (using you grenade launcher to drop a tonne of snow on some soldiers) and avalanches that wipe everything out. You will also have access to grappling hooks (it’ll be interesting to see if they are as fun as they were in Just Cause 2) and wingsuits to round out interesting new gear. If the game itself is as varied and fun as the trailers look, Far Cry 4 will be a very good game.

Far Cry 4 will be released on the 18th of November for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Are you looking forward to causing some wanton destruction in Far Cry 4? Let us know in the comments below!

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