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Riding Elephants and Feeding Bears: Far Cry 4

by Danny Vittore


Far Cry 4 is not a game that necessarily needs more publicity, but Ubisoft is still pumping out trailer after trailer, just in case you still don’t know about it by now.

The trailer below, which is designed to look like some sort of documentary about Kyrat (the fictional setting of Far Cry 4), is about the “lowlands.” And although the scenery is indeed very pretty, since it is a game trailer, Ubisoft makes sure to not disappoint with teasing a few gameplay and story elements.

The game introduces some characters such as Paul Depleur, the “general” of Pang Min, the self-appointed king of Kyrat, who will likely be one of the antagonists of the game. You also get introduced to what is causing the general conflict in Kyrat, with the rebellion of the “terrorists” known as “The Golden Path.” Things blow up, there are multiple ladies, presumably love interests, bullets are shot, it looks to be pretty generic Far Cry fare so far.

What may potentially set Far Cry 4 apart from its predecessors is the new and, potentially exciting, gameplay elements that we can see in the trailer. Sure there’s flamethrowers and big guns, the funny trike cabs and the gyro-copters, but in the trailer, we get to see what we are really here for: Riding elephants and feeding bears. We only get glimpses of it, but in a short part of the trailer (the part where the above screen was taken from) you are clearly riding an elephant. It is entirely possible that the elephant part may only happen once in the whole game, but it still looks pretty awesome. In about 4 seconds, you see the elephant use its trunk to fling a guy off-screen and flip a pick-up truck spinning up into the air and landing about a hundred feet ahead. That’s pretty cool.

We’ve already seen how bait can be used to make tigers do your job for you. Now we see that bears can be made to do the same thing too. At the end of the trailer, it teases what the next part of the trailer is about. It’s not entirely clear what it is, but there are scantily clad women, an arena of violence and “terror” to be had. If you are intrigued, stay tuned as we will bring to you the next trailer as soon as it is out right here on AotF.

Far Cry 4 is set to be released on the 18th of November for the Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Are you looking forward to exploring Kyrat in Far Cry 4? Let us know in the comments below!

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