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Final Fantasy XVI Main Scenario is Completed

Great news for all Final Fantasy fans
Final Fantasy XVI

Naoki Yoshida, the producer behind Final Fantasy XVI, revealed new details regarding the game, this time revealing that the upcoming title’s main scenario is complete. Yoshida is considered one of the most talented developers currently in the market, he is also the Director/Producer responsible for the acclaimed relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV.

Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise have been eagerly waiting for updates on the status of Final Fantasy XVI since the game was first announced back in September 2020. The game is also one of the most awaited releases of the current generation, thanks to the fact that the project features not only Yoshida but also Hiroshi Takai as its director. Takai is best known for being the director of Square Enix’s 2009 The Last Remnant. He also worked as a director for Final Fantasy XIV.

Yoshida revealed the new details regarding the project during a Tokyo Games Show 2021 Special Livestream, which also featured the father of the Final Fantasy franchise and the main responsible behind Apple Arcade’s Fantasian, Hironobu Sakaguchi. According to the producer, not only is Final Fantasy XVI’s main scenario complete, but its side quests and character models are also almost done. He also revealed that they are also working on brushing up the game’s overall quality.\


During the livestream, when asked, Yoshida revealed that the main focus of the developing team right now is on the titles’ scenarios. He also pointed out that finishing all the upcoming production steps may still take a while.

In Final Fantasy XVI, players will experience a fantastic tale of revenge set in the Valisthea, a land ”blessed by the Light of the Mothercrystals”, after the arrival of a new threat brings an abrupt end to the ”peace” achieved between the realms. The game is also set to feature a reworked combat system. It is also good to point out that Final Fantasy XVI will feature, according to Yoshida, full facial motion capture for both Japanese and English voice actors.

As we said above, Final Fantasy XVI was first announced in September 2020, during a PS5 showcase event. You can check out the game’s official Awakening Trailer below, which showcases its world, its protagonists, and more on its main story.

As you wait for the arrival of the XVI, you can play almost all the main titles of the Final Fantasy series right now on PS4, PS5, and PC. You can also play The Last Remnant Remaster, an updated version of the original game, right now on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

Final Fantasy XVI‘s release date was not yet revealed by Square Enix, but the game will be, until second notice, a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

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