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Fourth Hearthstone Button Surfaces, Possible New Game Mode In Works

by William Schwartz


Blizzard have set tongues wagging with a coy Tweet from their Hearthstone account earlier today. A short GIF depicts the ornamental bottom of Hearthstone’s menu sliding away to reveal a blank fourth button. It’s doubtful that this button will remain blank for too long, and speculation over its eventual contents has been the subject of much speculation.

So far, we know what it won’t be: posts on Hearthstone’s German Facebook page have had representatives confirm that the button will not be an alternative way to access the shop. A translated comment also all but tanked chances of a 2v2 mode materializing, as “there are currently no plans for a co-op mode”. As all three of the current menu options are game modes, though, it seems logical that this fourth button will also lead to a game mode.

Some of the speculation has been less serious, with Twitter user Icem4n contributing a mockup of a joke leak:


#kappa indeed, Icem4n.

An offering from one of the more prominent Reddit speculation threads also caught my eye:


Another user there suggested that the exit fee instead be modified to the bargain price of $9.99, a classic sales trick.

The fact is we simply don’t know what’s coming or precisely when it will hit — and that’s kind of great. Community-wide speculation like this is one of the things that makes gaming great. Feel free to leave your own Hearthstone wishlist for us as a comment; I personally am hanging out for a button that distributes LEGOs around the feet of players who use the Well Played emote sarcastically.

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