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Next Gen Tomb Raider sequel in development

by William Schwartz


Phil Rogers, the CEO of Square Enix for America & Europe today announced that a next gen Tomb Raider is in the works.

“I am also excited to reveal that we are well into development on a next-generation Tomb Raider sequel

“I can categorically say that we’re not abandoning core, triple-A console and PC games.”

He goes on to elaborate about how Square Enix isn’t losing focus on the triple-A console and gaming PC platforms, given the recent focus on mobile titles, like Deus Ex: The Fall, and how he has been building a senior team at Square Enix in the Americas and Europe in order to keep up with the extra addition of cutting edge tablet and mobile gaming the company is venturing into.

“We plan to share a fuller title release plan with you soon on games ranging from next-gen blockbusters ([…] Tomb Raider) to new cutting-edge tablet and mobile games ([…]Deus Ex: The Fall), to live and online PC games ([…] Heroes & Generals).”

It’s great news that the well-received reboot of the series continues into the next-gen, and that the publisher will continue to support it’s fanbase on consoles and PC, as well as burgeoning mobile and tablet markets.

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