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Generation IV is Live in Pokémon GO

The new Generation will be introduced in waves.

by Dylan Siegler


Yesterday (October 15), a new update for Pokémon GO rolled out, which saw the addition of files for Pokémon belonging to the fourth Generation, which had yet to appear in the game. However, there can sometimes be long stretches of time between when new Pokémon’s files are added to the game and when those new Pokémon start actually appearing. Luckily, players didn’t have to wait long at all this time.

Today, October 16, it was announced that Pokémon from the Sinnoh region are now appearing in Pokémon GO. Reports of sightings of the Generation’s three starter Pokémon (Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup), as well as some other Generation IV Pokémon like Starly and Chatot, have surfaced within the player base. However, not all Sinnoh Pokémon are currently available at this time. An official blog post states that the new Generation will be added to the game in waves, with new Pokémon set to start appearing in the coming weeks. Among others, it appears that evolutions of older Pokémon, such as Rhyperior (which evolves from Rhydon) and Tangrowth (which evolves from Tangela), have not yet been introduced into the game, so players aren’t yet able to evolve the Pokémon that they currently have into their new, Gen IV evolutions.

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