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Google’s Stadia Connect Returns for Gamescom 2019

Google returns to showcase more about the Stadia in just a couple of weeks.

by Alex Levine


The European version of E3, Gamescom 2019, is right around the corner. We already know that their’s going to be approximately 15 publishers showing off new IP’s and updates to existing titles, but we also just learned that Google will be bringing back their Stadia Connect for the event. The company announced this earlier today, and in addition, attendees at Gamescom will also be able to see first-hand how the service works.

The first Stadia Connect, which took place during E3 2019, sent some shock waves throughout the industry as well as the gaming community. Along with showing just what the service implied, they were the first to show off Baldurs Gate III, a game that many in the RPG community were wanting for the better part of 20 plus years. Google then went onto announce a plethora of games that will be ready to play once Stadia officially takes off.

If all of this was shown during the first event, we can’t even begin to imagine what Google has planned for the second one. The company is spearheading what many think will be the eventual conclusion to where the industry is headed; games as a service. It’s not such a stretch either, as Netflix has their own ideas for such an avenue down the road, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see more follow suit.

Google’s Stadia Connect will take place during Gamescom 2019 on August 19 at 10 am PDT/7 pm CEST. You can watch it on the official Stadia Youtube channel here.

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