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Guess How Many Games Were Announced for Steam This Week

Our wallets are already crying.

by Andron Smith


In a release from Valve sent to the press on June 18th, 2021, the company gave a humble brag on how many games announced this week are coming to Steam. Included in the blurb were links to a recap page of all the events where the announcements were made which include The Summer Game Fest and of course E3 2021. They also released a store page showing every single title coming soon to the digital pc platform which this journalist totaled to 103 games at the time of writing. There’s a lot for PC gamers to look forward to!

Steam Continues to Dominate Content Delivery for PC Gaming

The recap page in question showcases many highly anticipated games in its coming soon section. These include Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Back4Blood, Naraka Bladepoint, and lots more. Further on the same page are even more titles (far greater than the 103 in the coming soon section) that will be receiving updates or DLC in the near future. Even in light of the current GPU shortage (due to scumbag scalpers), ensuring games are offered on PC has become more of a consideration for developers and publishers in recent years as consoles close the gap in technology between the two. Steam has played a pivotal part in this resurgence.

Valve originally launched Steam in 2003 to the confusion to quite a few gamers, developers, and publishers alike. Since their release, they’ve accumulated a library of thousands of games that players can buy and own for as long as the platform exists. Its success was not met without other companies wanting to get in on the action. Both Microsoft and EA attempted to take a piece of the market share with their own platforms on PC. Today, both publishers now release their games on Steam as well as their own platforms. While Valve was a prolific developer at one point making innovative games, it’s not a stretch to say that Steam has propelled them to the twelve billion dollar net worth they now enjoy.

The Steam summer festivities aren’t done just yet though! Right now the Steam Next Fest is live until June 22nd, 2021 with even more announcements, developer playthroughs, and demos you can try out right now.

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