Halo Infinite Will Launch Without Ray-Tracing

Players will have to wait for the exciting new feature.

by Carlos Hurtado


Halo Infinite will not have ray-tracing from its launch. In a recent announcement on the official Xbox website, the team behind the game let everyone know the feature won’t be ready at launch, but it will be available as post-launch content.

Ray-tracing is one of those fancy new graphical features everyone wants in their game. Ambient Occlusion, Anti-aliasing, and vertical-sync have become buzzwords in the gaming industry, and Ray-tracing is the newest of them. Ray-tracing is the ability to cast light and shadows the same way it would perform in real life, this is nothing new for the film industry, and it has been used in many movies through the years. The only difference is that while movies can take up to 24 hours to apply ray-tracing to a single frame, in gaming all this happens in real-time. That’s why it is so hard to do on a budget gaming build.

A couple of days ago, the official Xbox website announced something that left many fans with a sour taste in their mouths. Halo Infinite is not going to have Ray-tracing from launch. The team behind the game assured the feature will come but as a post-launch feature as it is one of its top development priorities.


Ray tracing is one of those features that many players want, but some don’t even think about it. The good thing is that the team behind the game is working alongside AMD to bring the best experience to the PC players that choose to experience Halo Infinite on their favorite platform.

The partnership between AMD and the team behind Halo Infinite will allow them to optimize the game even more than in other titles. Through their cooperation, they have worked closely with AMD’s engineers to improve performance on their Ryzen processors and take advantage of their high core and thread processors.

But this is not it. Halo Infinite will support AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. This will provide a tear and stutter-free gaming experience in any monitor that features AMD FreeSync. This partnership not only includes the exclusive optimization work, but AMD will also include 1 month of Xbox Game Pass membership codes with selected AMD Ryzen products, allowing AMD customers to play Halo Infinite on day 1.

Partnerships like this allow studios to work closely with the hardware makers that impact the players’ experience in the long run. This type of work between developers and graphics card manufacturers is going to bring more benefits to players.

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