Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck Lego Set Coming in May

Scaling down the mechanical creatures of Horizon Forbidden West using Lego proportions.

by Weilong Mao


In a somewhat curious but sensical fashion, the developers at Horizon Forbidden West teamed up with people at Lego to recreate the lumbering machine that is Tallneck using Lego pieces. Much like its appearance in Horizon Zero Dawn, the Tallneck is a towering mechanical construct that maneuvers around the world at a slow and steady pace. The robotic being generally proves to be non-hostile during the adventures being led by Aloy and serves as a high vantage point for her to gather her current location and to examine the nearby surroundings.

This collaboration between Horizon Forbidden West with Lego presumably came about as a result of the opportunity being mutually beneficial. With lego being an enduring brand that has continued to thrive, the publicity and outreach that can be gotten from such joint endeavors are not to be understated for the people over at Guerilla. On the other hand, the Tallneck is a recognizable creature from the Horizon series that would serve to contribute to the catalogs of products that Lego has to offer. In particular, the Adults section, where the lego constructs are generally more sophisticated and require more time for assembly to entice mature hobbyists.

The official announcement for the product was conducted on the Playstation Blog. with the product being considered a set “with endless creative possibilities”. The people at Guerilla hope for this authentic lego set to capture the intricacies of the good-natured dispositioned machine and to make it a more iconic symbol that is representative of the series that it hails from. The Tallneck comes with a stand that features Horizon-inspired prop pieces, itself stands at 34.5 centimeters (13.5 inches), and included with it are a miniature figure of Aloy and a watcher, a smaller hostile machine that congregates with an emphasis on reconnaissance. The full set is currently priced at 79.99 US dollars on the Lego website and is set to release on the 1st of May this year.

With Horizon Forbidden West soon to arrive on storefronts, the release of this lego set serves as a way to reach consumers that are previously unknowing of the release or the series itself and can accomplish such via appealing to lego hobbyists with an appreciation of the lumbering construct that is Tallneck, recreated using lego and scaled down to a more indoor friendly size. And much like the frills that the Lego set comes pre-packaged with, the game itself comes with its arrays of physical and digital add-ons that might intrigue the potential customer. Whether it is the downloadable content or the seemingly permanent discount.

Horizon Forbidden West is set for release on Playstation4 and Playstation 5 on the 18th of February.

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