Latest Fortnite Update Teases Miles Morales Skin

Will this popular Marvel hero make their way into this superhero season?

by Chris Park


Is Miles Morales coming to Fortnite?  We’re full blown into the Marvel cross-over event with Fortnite: Battle Royale and we’ve seen quite a few of the comic book characters make their way into the game.  The latest of which, Prowler, has been recently added to the game as a battle pass reward with his own quests to perform.

Fortnite sending mixed signals about possible Miles Morales inclusion

With the release of this new content in Fortnite, one of Prowler’s quests hints that Miles Morales may be coming to the game as well.  As pointed out by this eagle-eyed Twitter user who covers Fortnite on the platform, one of the Prowler quests relays a quote from the Into the Spider-Verse move in which Prowler tells Miles “You’re on your way.  Just keep going.”  So is Epic dropping a big hint that Miles Morales may be a skin in the near future.  After all, for those not up on all the lore behind some of the recent movies, Prowler is Mile Morales’ uncle in the film.

It’s hard to tell, and this might be a stretch in this instance, but there has been plenty of speculation regarding the next Marvel characters to drop-in to Fortnite this season.

Unfortunately, we’re going to need to wait and see what plans Epic has in store for the rest of this season.  Right now though, there are plenty of new challenges to sink your teeth into in Fortnite with the release of Prowler.  Collecting Omni Chips at Launch Pad, completing the Prowler challenges and more should keep players busy until word of any other new Marvel characters are making their way to the game or not.

Fortnite just recently had downtime but is back online with a bunch of new content, including a brand new powerful one-slug shotgun to bring into battle.

- This article was updated on April 19th, 2022

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