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Latios and Latias Have Switched Places in Pokémon GO

Players have about a month to catch these Legendary Pokémon in their new locations.


Last month, Legendary Pokémon Latios and Latias were introduced into Pokémon GO. The two Legendaries were not available in the same territories, however, with Latios inhabiting North America, South America and Africa, and Latias appearing in Europe and Asia. Recently, the two Pokémon have switched places, allowing players to catch the one that was previously unavailable in their region.

Back when Latios and Latias first came to Pokémon GO, the official announcement stated that they’d be switching places on May 8. Now an in-game notification confirmed that the two Legendaries have switched places and Reddit users have confirmed sightings. As of 1:00pm PST/4:00pm EST today (May 8), Latias is available in North America, South America and Africa, with Latios becoming available in Europe and Asia. The in-game notification recommends that players use strong Dark-types, like Tyranitar, or Fairy-types, like Mawile, to battle these Dragon/Psychic-type Legendary beasts. Latios and Latias will also take heavy damage from Dragon and Ice attacks, which are strong against Dragon-types, and Ghost and Bug attacks, which are super effective against Psychic-types.

Latias and Latios will be available to battle with the opportunity to catch from Raid Battles from now until June 5. It has not yet been announced what Legendary Pokémon will take Latios and Latias’ place in level 5 Raid Battles at that point.

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