Attack of the Fanboy

In the long run, the Xbox One will win

by William Schwartz


There’s no point in winning the show, according to Microsoft when talking about their E3 Xbox One presence.  It’s about the long haul says the Xbox One maker, and consumers will ultimately determine who comes out victorious.  Despite a lower price, and a seemingly more consumer-friendly message from the PlayStation 4 camp, Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi believes that his company is better positioned for the next-generation.

We unveiled 20 titles for Xbox One, I don’t think Sony can say the same

“We unveiled 20 titles for Xbox One, of which 17 are exclusive to this console. I do not think Sony can say the same. What I hear is that before launching we are better positioned, with a complete value proposition. With the installed Skype voice service and Kinect motion sensor included. No point in winning a show, because the test will be the consumer. In the long run our console will win.”

While the internets might tell us otherwise, Microsoft is sounding extremely confident despite public backlash towards “The One”.  Just earlier today, Microsoft’s Don Mattrick explained that at $499,  the Xbox One is over-delivering value to its patrons.

You don’t have to look very far to see that many E3 watchers were more excited about the PS4.  It seems like every online poll or comments section is overrun with ecstatic PlayStation fans.  Though not all of these onlookers are convinced that Sony is going to be able to deliver on what they’ve promised.

Just this weekend, Cliff Bleszinski voiced his concerns on Twitter.  The Gears of War developer thinks that Sony is “playing” its customers with little more than promises, in an attempt to gain favor ahead of the PS4 release.

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