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Madden NFL 18 Cover Features Tom Brady

by | @Konman72 | on May 12, 2017

EA spent most of yesterday teasing the reveal of the Madden NFL 18 cover, and today they delivered. Tom Brady will star on the cover of this year’s entry of the hugely popular football game. This is surprisingly the first time Brady will be featured on the cover of Madden NFL, marking just another major milestone for the five time Super Bowl champion.

“The Madden NFL cover was one of the few career accolades that had previously eluded Brady, and now he adds the honor alongside his multiple NFL championships, MVP awards, Pro Bowl appearances and more,” said EA in a press release. “This also marks the first time in Madden NFL history that teammates have graced the cover in back-to-back years, after last year’s game featured Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.”

As someone who had a pretty important bet on the Atlanta Falcons, this is like salt in the wound. Still, nobody can honestly argue that this is an honor that Tom Brady doesn’t deserve. While I don’t follow football, or sports in general really, he is easily one of the biggest stars in sports.

The question now is, will Brady be afflicted by the so-called Madden curse? If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, many have argued that past Madden NFL cover stars have had a bad season afterward, for one reason or another. Others have used stats to refute the claim, but the curse still lingers in most fans’ minds once the new cover star is revealed. It seems that Brady isn’t worried though.

“The Madden NFL 18 cover is a great honor for me,” said Brady. “Especially since I have been playing the game since growing up next to EA headquarters in the Bay Area. I’m not one to believe in curses, so I’m ready to take the challenge head on like always! It doesn’t stand a chance!!!”

Madden NFL 18 hits Xbox One and PS4 on August 25th.

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