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[Update] Netflix Says It Has No Plans for Nintendo Switch App

by William Schwartz


Nintendo Switch owners have patiently been waiting for Netflix to arrive on the console but according to the streaming service it doesn’t sound like it’s happening.  Nintendo has done a good job with making gaming great on the platform, they’ve been lagging behind in bringing multi-media apps to the console.

With Netflix being one of the most popular streaming services being used today, it’s understandable that Nintendo Switch owners are holding out hope for an app to arrive on the console.  However, the Netflix customer service Twitter account recently revealed some bad news for Switch owners.

In response to a question asking when Netflix is launching on the Switch, the verified @Netflixhelps account said:

“Hey there! There are currently no plans for Netflix on Nintendo Switch.  We appreciate your feedback on it!”

It’s unclear why Nintendo is dragging their feet with modern trimmings for their wildly successful console.  Perhaps they’re saving these apps for the launch of their online service (which was recently delayed until Fall 2018).

One thing is clear, Nintendo Switch owners would like to be getting the best of both worlds with their console.  The ability to stream movies and shows through Netflix would certainly be welcome alongside the solid lineup of first party games and growing lineup of third party games on the console.

Update:  Netflix has since deleted the tweet saying that they have no plans to release on Nintendo Switch and have shifted their statement to that they are still exploring opportunity with Nintendo.

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